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For Immediate Press Release | January 26, 2017

Hubbard Systems, Inc. - purchased by PDRK, LLC

Birmingham, AL (January 26, 2017) - Over the last several months, a group including Steve Peroutka, Kris Ruckelshaus, and Shawn Kennedy has worked with Margaret Hubbard to create a sustainable path forward for the suite of software provided by Hubbard
Systems, Inc.

The management group, PDRK, LLC, has completed the purchase of Hubbard
Systems, Inc.

The management group will provide the financial strength, executive leadership, and the resources necessary to move this software system forward. The new management group will work closely with the new executive leadership team at Hubbard System; this team includes Chris Messer, Jim McMillan, and Matthew Burke.

The management group and employees from Hubbard Systems are excited about this opportunity and the future of this software. In conjunction with the Hubbard Systems team, we have high expectations for the company and for our customers.

If you have any questions, please call Steve directly at 888-768-2280 x226, or any of the new executive leadership team at Hubbard Systems.

Hubbard Systems Executive Team
Chris Messer Email: or Call: (800)933-7995 x217
Jim McMillan Email: or Call: (800)933-7995 x227
Matthew Burke Email: or Call: (800)933-7995 x220

PDRK, LLC Management Team
Kris Ruckelshaus Call: 888-768-2280 x236
Shawn Kennedy Call: 888-768-2280 x241

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